3 Ways to Follow Through in 2012

Every year around this time you start hearing a certain type of chatter. It usally sounds something like this: “15. That’s how many pounds I’m going to lose this year.” I know because I just said it, and this year I plan to follow through. In fact, I plan to follow through on all my goals.

I’ve seen a couple people write about this with ideas on how to accomplish your goals, so I’ve compiled those and some of my own into a pretty list for you to look at.

1. Baby steps. I recently read about #12in12. You simply choose 12 challenges for yourself in the next year, assign each challenge to a month, and dedicate that month to completing the challenge.

2. Find a coach. Choose someone you trust to keep you accountable. Make sure they understand your goals, your expected results, and work to set benchmarks/milestones to measure your progress along the way. Weekly phone calls would be a pretty smart idea as well.

3. Vary the difficulty of your goals. I think we give up a lot because the end looks and feels so far away. It’s important to have big goals. It’s also important to have a few that you can cross off your list pretty easily. Ideas?

- Have coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

- Create a monthly budget template to better track your finances.

- Read a book in 30 days.

Once you get the hang of crossing things off your list, you should feel a little more empowered to keep going after the tougher ones.

If you haven’t given any thought to what you might want to accomplish in 2012, that’s ok. Creating time to think about those things is the first step to getting them done. Remember, you don’t have to tell everyone your goals. In fact, it may be better that you don’t.

May you all have a great year full of big ideas and passion for the things you love.

Thanks for reading.

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