3 Ways to “Un-bori-fy” the End of your Mid-Week Workday

Live, create, inspire.

Sure, at SWIRE we’re firm believers in creating experiences that generate unusual excitement for our clients. But, we’re also life-junkies whose creative inspiration is deeply rooted in the love, passion, and excitement we experience among our personal lives.

Here are three memories we’ve lived that we want to share with you. Hopefully, these experiences will inspire you to “go beyond” in your personal lives and spice up the midweek grind with a pinch of excitement this summer.

1.)  Do something daringly selfless… but tell no one. On your way home from work next Tuesday, stop at a nice diner or restaurant. Pick a spot in the corner of the building that has a good view of everyone. Observe groups of people until you find a couple or a family whose love for each other is witnessed vividly through their interactions. On a napkin or small piece of paper write, “Unaware, your kindness and joy for one another caught my eye. This meal is my treat as a thank you for making my day. ~Anonymous” Quietly, call over the waiter/waitress and ask to pay for the group’s entire meal and to include the note with the receipt. Make it clear to the waiter/waitress not to say a word about who paid for the meal. Then, sit back and observe their reaction without calling attention to yourself. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t tell a soul more than the waiter/waitress. Enjoy the thrill of the experience on your ride home. Hug your family and mimic what you’ve seen.

2.)  Challenge your children to a massive super-soaker shoot-out…. and go to battle “James Bond” style as you roll-up in your Wednesday work suit. Tell them approximately what time you will be home and to be ready to “lock-and-load” with their friends or, face the consequences. This became somewhat of a family tradition at the start of every summer. My three brothers and I would invite the entire neighborhood over to “fall-in” on the frontlines. After a half-day of school, we‘d all rush home to fortify the front-yard. Using toppled-over trashcans, plywood, and plastic tarps we’d barricade ourselves in alongside an arsenal of water balloons (easily in the thousands), super soakers, and hoses we’d stretched from each of our neighbor’s front yards.

Here are some resources to give you the one-up tactical advantage over your children should you take this challenge:

  • A Theme Song (Play this as loud as you can as you pull up – a pre-game pep-song always goes a long way.)
  • Ray Band Aviators (If your going to do this, do it right. Plus, it helps shield your eyes from water being blasted at you from all sides.)
  • A Super Soaker Arsenal (This site has everything you need.)
  • Grenade Water Balloons (Load these up the night before and hide them in strategic spots around the neighborhood for surprise attacks when your enemy thinks you’re out of ammunition.)

3.)  Plan a one-night wonder with your Wifey … on a Thursday. Call up Grandpa Peter and Grandma Patty and ask them to take the kids for the night. Call and ask your wife to have a bag packed for the both of you (ready-to-go) by the time you make it home from work. Book a hotel at a 4 or 5 star hotel and make reservations for a fancy dinner at her favorite spot. Maybe rent a limo and pick her up in your best suit with her favorite bouquet of flowers. A bottle of champagne and a box of Sees candy for the limo ride might add a nice touch. In the morning, before heading to work, wake up before she does and leave a hand written “Thank You” note on your pillow. Remind her you’ve scheduled a sick day for her and topped off the morning with a spa treatment and a late checkout. Lastly, enjoy the sparkle of her smile when she meets you at the door on Friday night after work.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jemills25 Justin Mills

    I love it… 1-2 are awesome… and 3 well dont have a wife yet and in between on the significant others

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1489313444 Gwen Swire

    Great ideas! I love the super soaker war!

  • Keith Holmes

    DPIII getting all 50 shades of Grey on us for the last one? #respect