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Serif? Sans Serif? Slab? Modern? Transitional? Geometric Sans? Old Style? Pixel Type? Want to finally know what your Art Director is talking about when he/she go all Type-Nerdy? Check out this stop-motion short explaining a bit of typography history and find out why choosing a font … Read More »

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The Monday Blahs

Sunday night, while getting ready for bed, something extraordinary happened. I could count on one hand (half of a hand, actually, but that’s gross) the number of times this has happened to me in my lifetime. Just as my head hit the pillow, I thought, … Read More »

Happy Belated Earth Day!

If you truly see every day as Earth Day, then there’s nothing wrong with posting about it a few days late. But before too much time passes and complacency returns, here are some thoughts on electronic waste, or e-waste. According to, the U.S. alone … Read More »

How To Work A Room

My wife and I recently met someone at a party who made a noteworthy impression on both of us. She greeted us warmly, introduced us to a few other people, showed us where the food and drinks were—and it wasn’t even her party. It turned … Read More »

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I swim between 2,000 to 3,000 yards, four days a week before work. It sometimes makes for a stressful time getting out the door in time, but the physical and mental health benefits more than offset that. When I’m exercising regularly and eating right, I … Read More »

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Are video games really a waste of time? Or have we just not figured out how to put them to good use yet? Daniel Burrus makes an interesting case for the latter. In An Education Revolution: Automate and Humanize!, he says video games are not … Read More »

We’ve been spending some time in beautiful Vermont over the past few months, talking with a school where we’re helping develop the brand identity. One of the key facts we discovered from staff and faculty about their students was really interesting. “Many of our students … Read More »

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Here’s a look at some of the hottest content on Cable TV. (Listed by network in alphabetical order.) How are you marketing it successfully to subscribers? Here are a few thoughts: How about hosting a trivia sweepstakes using social media? Or building a microsite for … Read More »

Need a midday pick-me-up? A quick glance at the Instagram feeds of these 5 nonprofits will demonstrate how powerful this marketing tool can be for your nonprofit. Are you leveraging this tool? If not, maybe it’s time you consider starting one.   Charity Water Instagram … Read More »

Tried something new lately?

I recently received a great compliment. “I like the way you’re always up for trying something new,” a coworker said when I agreed to participate in the agency pull-up challenge. So far, I’ve done one. But I feel great. Mainly because I don’t consider myself … Read More »

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