Actually Give a Rip

Seven months ago I called a contact for the first time.

Having studied nonverbal communication and voice tonality, I immediately recognized the contact’s receptionist was burdened with something heavy on her spirit. Putting my goals aside, I learned her sister was diagnosed with cancer the day before. Additionally, I learned that she (the receptionist) was struggling with mobilization and sleep due to some personal health/nutrition challenges.

Last week, I followed up with the contact and spoke with the receptionist for the first time since our initial conversation.

Below was the greeting I received.

“David!” The receptionist proclaimed enthusiastically. “I am so glad you called! I’ve been waiting for your call for months now because I wanted to genuinely thank you for the extra time and advice you shared with me last time we talked… I am proud to report, I have started the diet you suggested and to date I’ve lost 20 pounds. Additionally, I joined a CrossFit team and I am exercising three times a week with a group women I love. I am 63 and have never slept or felt better… especially in my joints. It’s amazing!! Also, tomorrow my sister goes in for her last radiation treatment. The doctor told her a few days back the cancer was all gone! (Now noticeably emotional) I can’t thank you enough for your prayers on the phone last time and the support you showed me in recognizing I was disheartened and taking the time to listen. For actually caring… I talk on the phone all day and our conversation was truly one of the best conversations I’ve ever had. Thank you.”

I spend a great deal of my life on the phone.

Some people ask me how I do it, and what’s made me so successful at it.

Honestly, all I try to do is make every conversation the most uplifting conversation of that person’s day, and to ensure my call adds tangible value to that person’s role/life in everyway possible.

A mentor once told me, “David, I encourage you to look beyond the product or service you sell, beyond the routine of everyday business, beyond yourself and your goals and actually give a rip about the person on the other side of the phone or conference table. Before anything, we are humans; and we should constantly remind ourselves to be human beings, not merely humans doing.”

That’s the motive I remind myself every time I pick up the phone to dial out. Maybe it will help you.

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