An Open Letter to Prospective Clients

Dear Prospective Clients,

I’m not writing to win your business. Nor trying to sell you.

I simply want to share how we like working with you.

  • We are a fit. Your team and mine.
  • Our abilities should align well with your needs.
  • We like your company and the way you do business.
  • You value us as an alliance – a core partner in reaching your goals.
  • We value you and will give each project our all.

We win and achieve great results for our clients, but we can do so much more when we work to our purpose; to Live, Create and Inspire.

I’m sure you’ve had partners that haven’t fully aligned with you, but still did their intended job. We’re not looking for a half-fit. We want to be excited and passionate about working with you.

This sort of fit makes what you do each day not work, but instead, why you chose your career in the first place. That’s what I want. And, what I want for my team, you and yours.

Most Sincerely,


PS. What do you want out of an agency?

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  • Sukhraj Beasla

    Great open letter! Very honest 

  • Zack Swire

    Thanks, that’s how I roll :) Seriously though, I love when a client relationship is kicked off when both parties see the fit and both are willing to be honest with each other on their needs. Makes for such a great experience on both ends. And, we can produce the best results that way. 

  • Danna Crawford

    Great post idea!

  • Ryan goldhar

    This is a great piece Zack

  • Des Daughter Diethylstilbestro

    Very glad to have met you on Empire Avenue. All the best!

  • Jeanette Joy

    I like your passionate approach to business and your attitude. I’d like to work with you!

  • Anonymous


  • Stacey Soleil ☀

    Fresh approach.

  • MingleMedia TV

    How many times have I said – we need to fire this prospect before they are a customer… OY. If they don’t fit – they will COST you money!! :-) 

  • Anonymous

    It only works when it works, you often know that right away.

  • Debbie Miller

    Great post! Love the focus on collaboration between you and the clients.

  • Zack Swire

    Thanks Debbie. Collaboration is so key. We’ve had clients in the past where we are simply directed what to do with minimal input and zero collaboration time. It’s next to impossible to help them do much more than simply reaching goals. We like to smash their goals and take it a step further so I love collaboration :)

  • Zack Swire

    Simply put but so very true. Fighting it only delays the inedible. 

  • Zack Swire

    Totally and it works both ways. So important for both agencies and clients to be open and honest in making the connection and not forcing it, if it isn’t meant to be. We’ve been there and it does cost you money. Sometimes a lot! 

  • Zack Swire

    Thanks Stacey :) Just the way we like to work.

  • Zack Swire

    Thanks Jeanette, that’s much appreciated. Been great connecting with you and I’m very impressed with all that you do. Surprised to see tonight that you even write children’s books. Very cool. Would love to work with you as well!

  • Zack Swire

    Same here, been a fun site to explore. Still not super active myself, but I love social media so it’s definitely got me intrigued. 

  • Zack Swire

    Thanks Ryan :)

  • Zack Swire

    Thanks Danna, cheers :)

  • Zack Swire

    Thanks Don! Glad you like it :)

  • Anonymous

    Well, I want my agent to get me work, AND earn their 10%