Are you smarter than you think you are?

We’ve been spending some time in beautiful Vermont over the past few months, talking with a school where we’re helping develop the brand identity. One of the key facts we discovered from staff and faculty about their students was really interesting. “Many of our students are smarter than they think they are. They come here not knowing how much greater their potential is. We help them see that.”

First, it reminded me how teaching—when approached like that—is an incredibly honorable way to earn a living. I knew that. It was just impactful to see it up close like that.

But mainly what struck me was that phrase. “They’re smarter than they think they are.” Advertising may be an industry full of egos, but odds are there are still people around me who are smarter than they think they are. Hopefully, I can follow the example of our fine friends in Vermont.

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  • David Parsons

    Thanks for this post, Alan.