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Here’s a look at some of the hottest content on Cable TV. (Listed by network in alphabetical order.) How are you marketing it successfully to subscribers? Here are a few thoughts: How about hosting a trivia sweepstakes using social media? Or building a microsite for … Read More »

Need a midday pick-me-up? A quick glance at the Instagram feeds of these 5 nonprofits will demonstrate how powerful this marketing tool can be for your nonprofit. Are you leveraging this tool? If not, maybe it’s time you consider starting one.   Charity Water Instagram … Read More »

The proof’s in the pudding. Always is. With that said, here’s an actionable idea, laid out in full, to help your nonprofit convert college students into reoccurring, lifelong donors. STEP #1: Create a list of highly influential professors favored by students at major colleges and universities … Read More »

Note to the Reader: If you’re a cable marketer reading this and find yourself a bit heated at the end of this post, know this… So are we. We’re in it with you, and we want to help. What’s a Cord Skipper? My generation is the … Read More »

Every once in awhile, you meet a big shot who doesn’t act like a big shot. On the contrary, they give you their undivided attention and take the time to teach you, and be taught by you. Back in October, I had the chance to … Read More »

I am a cable customer. Simply put, every Sunday morning I have to sit through a series of DirecTV commercials that relentlessly and unapologetically bash cable… Here’s a fun one for you. And another. And one more. Fact is, they’re working. Don’t believe me? Here … Read More »

Actually Give a Rip

Seven months ago I called a contact for the first time. Having studied nonverbal communication and voice tonality, I immediately recognized the contact’s receptionist was burdened with something heavy on her spirit. Putting my goals aside, I learned her sister was diagnosed with cancer the … Read More »

When I was a boy, I took a trip to Gettysburg. I remembered standing on a large boulder at the top of a hill known as Little Round Top, staring down at a rocky valley below. It was about 8:45pm, the air was thick and … Read More »

No Room for Error

What limit could your brand, your products, and your team achieve if you put everything you had on the line for your “why”, and left no room for error? As marketers, we often find clients are apprehensive to taking risks, especially big ones. And why … Read More »

Fired up, and dialed in… here are a few songs to get you back in the oh-so-elusive productive frame of mind. 1. “Sail“- AWOLNATION (^ playable above) 2. “Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Extended Remix)“- Deadmau5 3. “Good Life“- OneRepublic 4. “Trilogy“- ATB 5. “Time” – … Read More »