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Jack Daniel’s Does Letterpress

This video is AMAZING. Why? Because it’s a combination of great design, great craftsmanship, and great detail. The best part of the whole video is the explanation for choosing Yee-Haw Industries at the very beginning—”Because like Jack Daniel’s, Yee-Haw makes things the way they think … Read More »


Lately I’ve been searching for a little inspiration and motivation in all aspects of life. Today, I found it. This video is the definition of motivating. This man, Fauja Singh, completed a marathon at 100 years of age. Now, I’ve played soccer for almost 3/4 … Read More »

How Green Is the Internet?

Lately everyone is trying to become more environmentally friendly, and with good reason. I, personally, have been trying to make an extra effort to have a smaller carbon footprint on our planet. One thing I never thought would have an effect on the environment was … Read More »

Inspiration: Letterpress

If I had unlimited funds and time, I would own a letterpress and make beautiful designs all day, every day. There’s just something so inspiring and motivating about creating something with your hands. The thing is, I can’t decide if it’s the art of letterpress, or … Read More »

Making Books is Fun!

SUPER interesting video about the process they used to have to go through just to make a book. I, personally, think that this makes the book a little bit more valuable. The time and care is amazing.

3D – No Glasses

Working with cable and TV networks, I’m well-aware of the growing presence of 3D. This guy came up with a way to watch in 3D WITHOUT glasses. Really cool idea, but I would NEVER do this.

10 Years of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is such a strange concept when you really think about it. This video is a really great and beautiful illustration of the life and prosperity of the site and its future.


Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of videos that utilize a tilt-shift lens to make everything seem like a miniature, or model-like version of reality. I’m totally obsessed with this new trend, and I hope to implement it into my own work sometime in the … Read More »

Vivian Maier – Inspiration

This is a video about a woman who worked as a nanny for 40 years in Chicago who carried her camera around with her everywhere she went. She took thousands of pictures of everyday life in Chicago in the 1950’s and 60’s, which weren’t discovered … Read More »