Feeling Better About The Future Of Our Military

On the flight back home, I sat next to an 18-year-old kid who was flying out to Missouri for basic training in the Army.  From a broken home, he had moved in with his aunt’s family and finished school with over a 4.0. He showed me his transcript. He’d been accepted at The Citadel. He talked about his aunt’s children like they were his own brothers and sisters. His best mile time is 6 minutes. It was his first time on a plane. “Yes, that is what that bag is for,” I said. “And yes, it does seem rather small.” We covered a lot of topics. He was an amazing combination of wide-eyed innocence, optimism, and excitement. You would never have guessed his background. Usually people who talk that much on a plane drive me crazy. Taylor, on the other hand, inspired me.

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