Fun Sock Thursday – Why Not?!

Work environment is critical to me.  One of the first impressions you’ll get of any work environment is when you see what employees wear. Are they all wearing suits and ties? Running shoes, shorts and flip flops? Or maybe simply fun socks…

For some people a “fun day” at the office means wearing Hawaiian shirts on Fridays or an insane project with an impossible deadline. At SWIRE, I started Fun Sock Thursday. You ask why? And why on Thursdays? Well…why not?!

Sometimes you just need to set yourself apart just a little bit. And I felt, the easiest way of doing that is by wearing a fun yet tasteful pair of socks. After all, a little fun goes a long way.

Time will tell how many team members will become a part of FST :)

On Thursdays my socks make a statement. How about yours? Or do you have other cool and fun little things you do at the office?

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  • Steve Seybold

    I went the opposite direction this fine Friday. NO SOCKS! Ya! Got my finest rainbow sandals on and am feeling like a king!