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This message is certainly not new. For over a week, we have heard little else than what devastation has fallen on Japan. From the initial earthquake, to the tsunami, to the aftermath, with destruction and nuclear radiation uncertainty, one thing is clear… Japan needs our help.

From a distance, it feels much like watching a movie. It’s hard to personalize something so distant. Through media, however, the sadness is brought directly into our homes. From photo montages to videos showing what people are going through, it becomes something too difficult to ignore. And yet, so many of us continue to go on through our day with blinders on. In times like these, we can not sit on the sidelines. We MUST do something.

This need was felt even deeper when I received an email from a family friend who has been living in Japan for years now:

“I am sad and disappointed that donations from America are merely trickling in. This is SERIOUS and this country that is our friend desperately needs help.

This morning Emiko got the kids together with their piggy banks to make a donation to Red Cross. Yuto gave 265 yen (about 2 bucks). Eli thought it was a game and gave about 1500 yen (13 dollars) Emi and I chipped in too. People are hungry, without water or electricity, and in freezing temperatures.

It’s harder than I thought to do business as usual, but we’re trying.
Pray for this country!”

As soon as I read this, I approached my team and asked if we could put a badge on our site that asked for donations to the Red Cross. Without hesitation, they were more than supportive. They even decided to take up some of the room that we use to promote our portfolio to temporarily be replaced by a Red Cross banner. I love my team.

With that in mind, I thank all those that have already donated. If you haven’t yet, why not start right now. Even better, if you have already, why not see if you can give a little bit more. Giving feels so good, doesn’t it?


Given all you can already? Great! There is still something you can do to help. Share the message on Twitter or Facebook to help spread the word.

Want to put a banner up on your site as well? Feel free to download ours and use it as you see fit. Please help. Japan needs your.

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  • Zack Swire