Lately I’ve been searching for a little inspiration and motivation in all aspects of life. Today, I found it. This video is the definition of motivating. This man, Fauja Singh, completed a marathon at 100 years of age. Now, I’ve played soccer for almost 3/4 of my life, but I HATE running. It’s weird, I know. I can’t imagine running now, at 26, let alone at 100. This man has brought new light to the saying, “you can do anything you put your mind to.”

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  • Matthew G

    Hey Karen! Funny, I got an e-mail about this post. I’m not sure why, but it seemed relevant to where I’m at in life so I thought I’d chime in. :) 

    For the past two months, I’ve struggled to get out of bed in the morning. After recognizing this “funk,” I decided to get up and go. I vanished up north in Northern California for 3 weeks, staying with some family, and at different places. 

    I changed up the scenery. And that is motivating. That is inspiring. For me. It’s important to intimately know ourselves, and what we need to re-energize. Once we know that, we need to be intentional about doing it. My mentor once told me, “Don’t fight it. Go out and do it.” (granted, it’s easier said than done… that’s for sure)

    I was fighting it. For a while… and over the past two months, it started to hit me.

    The trick is in getting back up. It’s a mindset shift. I’ve been reading this book called The Superman Syndrome, and it has this quote:

    “Your thoughts have the power to alter the physiological response of your muscles.” I’ve heard real life stories that have validated this. How about� - or 127 hours, when he gets a vision of his future son and decides to live. 

    For me, music inspires me. Nature inspires me. A good movie. Creativity. High energy people. Or a great conversation. And mountain biking… which I plan on getting back into once I can replace my bike. 

    For whatever it’s worth, I hate running too. ;) Great post. Being aware of our lack of energy is the first step in making the change.

    I leave you with the quote I shared on Facebook this morning: 
    Lance Armstrong said of his Tour de France wins, “It’s not about the bike. It’s about the soul.” (found in The Superman Syndrome)