No Room for Error

What limit could your brand, your products, and your team achieve if you put everything you had on the line for your “why”, and left no room for error?

As marketers, we often find clients are apprehensive to taking risks, especially big ones. And why blame them? With the economy the way it is, playing the conservative card is extremely convenient, if not crucial.

However, given the right preparation, an unbreakable trust, and an unwavering focus, a team can awaken within themselves a reviving power in conquering the fear of risks. More importantly, they can reap a reward attained by few. Whether it’s investing in a complete re-branding campaign, inventing a product or service that targets a new audience, or stepping into the social media space to be 100% transparent for the first time… the ability to awaken the unexpected, the unpredictable, and the unknown can shake the very foundations of their industry.

“I was scared stupid on the cliff. It took ages to get on the line, ages to stand up, ages to take my first steps… but when I got to the end, there’s something so powerful I was in tears… That’s why I highline- to set something free. It’s a very intense feeling. Hard to describe. It’s completely different than walking with a leash. It’s the search for freedom. The feeling of being totally free- nothing around you- except the one inch webbing (beneath you). You’re alone in the air… You have to put fear to one side- it will always be there. But, you have to follow your path. It’s all possible if you put enough energy into it.” I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)

Check out the included flick (Watch it all or start at 8:47 get to the jaw-dropper.)

Think on it a bit…

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  • Steve Seybold

    Inspiring? Where’s my rig?!

  • Justin Mills

    Great article David!!

  • David Parsons

    Thanks Justin. Appreciate the follow kind sir!