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Web Typography – We’re Getting Better

For decades now, we as web designers have been locked in to using the same basic fonts for all of our designs. Georgia, Times, Arial, Verdana and a few others have become the end-all fonts that help tell the story that we are trying to … Read More »

A Redesign Story

The Early Days ^ This site design was built in order to share our company vision and drive customer interest. Simple and sweet. This site was active for a little over a year. Site Evolution ^ In late 2009, this concept was designed and launched … Read More »

Vivian Maier – Inspiration

This is a video about a woman who worked as a nanny for 40 years in Chicago who carried her camera around with her everywhere she went. She took thousands of pictures of everyday life in Chicago in the 1950’s and 60’s, which weren’t discovered … Read More »

You vs. You

I have a hard time trying to imagine what it must have been like for my Grandpa at British Petroleum in the 1950’s, or my other Grandpa who was in the Marine Corps for nearly 30 years. Why? Email wasn’t around. Social network conversations, project … Read More »

Author: ZSwire

Moment 1

We’ve all been brought into numerous brand experiences in our lifetime. Some, good. Some, not so good. Others you probably don’t even remember. Others, you still despise and are sure to tell everyone you can, how much you dislike that brand. Today, I’m working on … Read More »

Welcome to The Wire!

In 30 minutes, or so I’m told, we’ll be launching our new website and blog. Whew! I guess they say the cobbler’s son wears no shoes. It has been an adventure to say the least. You may ask, isn’t this what you do? Well, yes. … Read More »

Extirpate 2011

The word “Extirpate” just popped up on my screensaver while I was downing a chicken burrito (extra spicy) from Chipotle. I’m supposed to be working on our new website content while eating, but the burrito was so good, I couldn’t help myself. Thus, my macbook … Read More »

What is Happiness?

When I first started SWIRE, I did it because I wanted to have control of my happiness. Not to say I wasn’t happy at any one of the many jobs I had leading up to this, but I knew something was missing. It was a … Read More »

Author: ZSwire