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The cable industry has been losing subscribers for various reasons. To fight back and retain a few particular customer segments, MSOs (Multi System Operators) have been experimenting with low-cost programming packages.  And they are now rolling out these packages beyond their local beta markets and … Read More »

SSimon Author: SSimon

What’s in a hug, really? We are hugged as babies, hug every one we meet as toddlers, and are forced to hug distant relatives as adolescents. A hug can be a greeting, a show of affection, a celebration. A hug comforts when there are just … Read More »

It’s not what I’m most proud of, but I’ll admit it. I’m a nice guy. I’ve always kind of suspected it, certainly strived towards it, fell short of it frequently, but overall, that’s the general consensus. Surprisingly, some people I’ve known have seen it as … Read More »

AJosey Author: AJosey
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The Purpose-Driven Doodle

Of all the things I could confess, this is not the worst: I doodle. The doodle above is one of my standard go-to creations. I call it, “Nervous Guy Screaming.”  He makes regular appearances in my notebook and on the occasional napkin.  We recently got caught in … Read More »

Actually Give a Rip

Seven months ago I called a contact for the first time. Having studied nonverbal communication and voice tonality, I immediately recognized the contact’s receptionist was burdened with something heavy on her spirit. Putting my goals aside, I learned her sister was diagnosed with cancer the … Read More »

Riding With Zig

One of the things I love about SWIRE is their flexibility in allowing me to work one day a week from home. It helps offset my hour-long commute. The other thing that helps offset the commute is a good audio book. I only recently discovered … Read More »

AJosey Author: AJosey

I went to Norway last summer, and saw these ads in bus shelters all over Oslo. Passing through various parts of the city on Oslo’s extensive public transportation system, these headline-driven ads were hard to miss. But if, like me, you didn’t know that Oslo … Read More »

AJosey Author: AJosey
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A working mom, trying to make it work.

It has been nearly two years since I began working at SWIRE. Shortly thereafter, Zack mentioned that he’d love for me to contribute to the blog. I’ve had every intention of doing so, but one thing or another always got in the way. Usually it … Read More »

Today, we soft launched a small scale test of a new social good/social media application called SOGO, which stands for Share One Get One. SOGO brings together a company and a non-profit to provide consumers a fun way to get a freebie while supporting a … Read More »

Author: ZSwire

If Money Were No Object

Quite an amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts. Ask yourself, what you would be doing with your life if money was no object? Are you doing that right now? If not, aren’t you just wasting your time? If this video doesn’t move you, there might … Read More »