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Easy Branding?

Is there such a thing as easy branding? According to online sources, there is. As I was looking around on Twitter today (yes, that is where I get a good amount of my tech/design news these days), I found a link to a website that … Read More »

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Starbucks’ loyalty program has some flaws. Let me explain… HOOKED I don’t recall the first time I got hooked on that sweet milk and espresso. It was sometime before I began working for Starbucks back in 1997. After a couple years there, I no longer … Read More »

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Blueberry Pancakes

On Sunday mornings, I love breakfast with the fam. A box of Bisquick, some milk, eggs and fresh or frozen blueberries. And, if I’m going for gold, I’ll occasionally toss in vanilla, baking powder, and lemon juice. But, you can’t forget the secret ingredient; Dean … Read More »

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A Simple Thank You?

I’m a believer in a simple Thank You. Yes, an email, call, tweet, Facebook message, and/or iChat are all nice, but there is just something special about getting a hand written note in the mail. It says… you took the time to meet or talk … Read More »

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Before & After Racism?

It is rare that I seek out a product because I am in love with the advertising behind it (on a conscious level at least). My absolute favorite company to support is Dove, with their Campaign for Real Beauty. I love to see beauty ads … Read More »

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Good Branding

There’s something to be said for it. Establishing a clear and concise image for the world outside your own bubble can be challenging, but that’s all the more reason to dedicate the time and other resources to getting it right. How you present yourself, your … Read More »

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Not too long ago, we were sent off to Hawaii to gather photographic assets and begin developing the social media presence for a client we were working with. In the end, the partnership didn’t really work out, though not for the lack of content and … Read More »

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Take a Hike

With us. To support an unbelievable cause. On June 25th, Team SWIRE will join a number of local teams that make up Team California to hike to the top of Mt. Baldy, 10,068 feet, the highest peak of the San Gabriels. We’re part of an … Read More »

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Inspire to Inspire

I’ve mentioned before just how much something creative can inspire me, and right now I’m feeling about as inspired as I ever have. Jeremy Cowart has been my favorite photographer since the day I first discovered him. Though he is more likely known for his … Read More »

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Inspiration: Letterpress

If I had unlimited funds and time, I would own a letterpress and make beautiful designs all day, every day. There’s just something so inspiring and motivating about creating something with your hands. The thing is, I can’t decide if it’s the art of letterpress, or … Read More »

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