5 Tools to Make Staying on Top of Social Media Easy

It’s hard to avoid social media these days. It’s everywhere and everybody is using it one way or another. Personally, I love it for a few reasons:

  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Stay up to date with businesses and causes that I like
  • Connect with like-minded professionals
  • Learn about anything I’m interested in
  • Share content that I think is interesting and beneficial to others

I’m mainly on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter – and here are 5 tools that I’m currently using to help me stay on top of it:

1. Sprout Social (sproutsocial.com)

This is where I monitor all my conversations, look at comprehensive reporting, analyse my followers, and discover new interesting people to follow.

2. Buffer (bufferapp.com)

This is where I handle my social media sharing for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. I set up my posting schedule and installed Buffer’s browser extension to easily put interesting content in the posting queue via any site I’m on and Buffer does the rest.

3. SocialOomph (socialoomph.com)

I’ve been testing this platform mostly for auto follows, auto DMs, automation stats, and keyword search results. It’s been a helpful tool because it’s all automated and doesn’t require any of my attention for the features I’m using.

4. Twitter Counter (twittercounter.com)

The free version of Twitter counter has been a fantastic tool for me to keep track of my daily Twitter usage statistics such as following, followers, and tweets. I also like the auto posts that go out when I reached a certain milestones. The paid versions seems to be a great upgrade but a little overkill for my personal account.

5. Browser Extensions – Klout (beta) & Kloutify & KloutPlus Google Plus

I love great browser extensions. Klout (beta) simply adds Klout to your Twitter.com timeline. Kloutify displays the Klout score of a Twitter user on any website by hovering over the Twitter username. In addition, KloutPlus Google Plus will display my Klout score on my Google+ profile as well as my friends’ on their Google+ profiles. It’s interesting and important for me to see peoples’ influence in general but particularly when I’m determing whether or not to follow them. And, since all three of these extension require no work once installed, they’re perfect little additions.

I’ll share more details about each of these social media tools, including how I’m using them specifically (and even include enhancement ideas) shortly.

…stay tuned

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  • http://blog.goswire.com Zack Swire

    I love BufferApp and Sprout Social! Not so certain on #3. Also, I was a big on Klout for a while, but it started to feel very gamy. My intent for connecting via social media isn’t to reach a higher score. It’s to actually connect, to provide interesting and relevant content, and to create relationships that matter. Stats are cool and help, but a score that’s easily gamified is only so helpful. I still see value, but curious about how useful it is and curious to see how it evolves.

  • Steve Seybold

    Most recently, I have ‘refallen’ in love with HootSuite. It helps me manage multiple social streams and content so easily. It’s just fantastic. ALSO, they just added Google+ support which is great. If BufferApp can get that (and some other services), I’d consider switching.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicolegornall Nicole Gornall

    Twitter Counter has been a long time favorite of mine. When reporting on KPI’s it’s nice to see growth and trends. Twitter Counter helps you visualize data and focus on spikes without the hassle of CSV reports and pivot tables. The time you save you reporting will be well worth the $15 monthly fee.