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No Room for Error

What limit could your brand, your products, and your team achieve if you put everything you had on the line for your “why”, and left no room for error? As marketers, we often find clients are apprehensive to taking risks, especially big ones. And why … Read More »

Live, create, inspire. Sure, at SWIRE we’re firm believers in creating experiences that generate unusual excitement for our clients. But, we’re also life-junkies whose creative inspiration is deeply rooted in the love, passion, and excitement we experience among our personal lives. Here are three memories … Read More »

Healthy = Wealthy

Do healthy companies require healthy employees? We think so! We believe that productivity, teamwork, and team morale increase dramatically when employees are healthy, while certain costs for both the company and team members decrease. However, most importantly, we want to be part of improving our … Read More »

The Starbucks Experience – The SWIRE Way

Our team has been working super hard and, since all of us appreciate the little things, SWIRE took the Starbucks experience to the next level. It’s the little things that make a big difference in your day. Since a picture tells a thousand words, see … Read More »

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Are You Maxed Out?

BEFORE YOU READ THIS POST If you’re on Empire Avenue, max out on my stock now before it jumps right back up! I’ll tell you why after you do… Okay, you’re back and happy (at least you should be :) Or, you have no clue … Read More »

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Blueberry Pancakes

On Sunday mornings, I love breakfast with the fam. A box of Bisquick, some milk, eggs and fresh or frozen blueberries. And, if I’m going for gold, I’ll occasionally toss in vanilla, baking powder, and lemon juice. But, you can’t forget the secret ingredient; Dean … Read More »

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A Simple Thank You?

I’m a believer in a simple Thank You. Yes, an email, call, tweet, Facebook message, and/or iChat are all nice, but there is just something special about getting a hand written note in the mail. It says… you took the time to meet or talk … Read More »

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Are you Courageous at Work?

One key way of keeping your office free from politics is creating a Courageous Culture. You and your peers must be willing to have courageous conversations. A couple years back, we put together this guideline for such conversations, which is shared on our internal wiki. Next … Read More »

Esse Quam Videri

It’s my family motto, and since my name is my company, I see it fitting. It means… “To be, rather than to seem.” To me, it’s a reminder of being true to myself, my family, my team, my clients and everyone around me. It’s funny how … Read More »

You vs. You

I have a hard time trying to imagine what it must have been like for my Grandpa at British Petroleum in the 1950′s, or my other Grandpa who was in the Marine Corps for nearly 30 years. Why? Email wasn’t around. Social network conversations, project … Read More »

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