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There are so many ways to communicate with your friends, family, co-workers, and the world. And I’ve used plenty of tools. But a company that’s doing it best across the board, I believe, is Google. I love the integration of my email, calendar, search, documents … Read More »

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Healthy = Wealthy

Do healthy companies require healthy employees? We think so! We believe that productivity, teamwork, and team morale increase dramatically when employees are healthy, while certain costs for both the company and team members decrease. However, most importantly, we want to be part of improving our … Read More »

How Green Is the Internet?

Lately everyone is trying to become more environmentally friendly, and with good reason. I, personally, have been trying to make an extra effort to have a smaller carbon footprint on our planet. One thing I never thought would have an effect on the environment was … Read More »

With My Own Two Hands

To borrow from Ben Harper (with slight tweaks)… “(We) can change the world, with (our) own two hands.” You’re probably not aware that we’ve started a social good project within SWIRE. Together, we can change the world. We’ve got big goals, and we want you … Read More »

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Take a Hike

With us. To support an unbelievable cause. On June 25th, Team SWIRE will join a number of local teams that make up Team California to hike to the top of Mt. Baldy, 10,068 feet, the highest peak of the San Gabriels. We’re part of an … Read More »

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Staying Current

Being an interactive designer today is a lot of work. Not only does one have to be current on all of the latest best practices and technologies, one must be constantly looking towards what is next as well. It can be completely overwhelming to stay … Read More »

A Little Bit More

COSTLY EXPENSE OF POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Companies across all industries exercise tremendous marketing efforts to ensure previous, current, and potential new customers that “the customer is king” and that customer service is something that is taken very seriously. But how can it be that most … Read More »

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I DON’T MUCH CARE FOR: Silos and Politics WHY? They lead to unhappy customers. Not to mention unhappy employees. COMPANIES DON’T START BY SAYING… “At XYZ Company, our mission is to create ineffective internal communications that lead to unsettling company politics and unhappy customers.” Although … Read More »

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