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The Monday Blahs

Sunday night, while getting ready for bed, something extraordinary happened. I could count on one hand (half of a hand, actually, but that’s gross) the number of times this has happened to me in my lifetime. Just as my head hit the pillow, I thought, … Read More »

How To Work A Room

My wife and I recently met someone at a party who made a noteworthy impression on both of us. She greeted us warmly, introduced us to a few other people, showed us where the food and drinks were—and it wasn’t even her party. It turned … Read More »

Tried something new lately?

I recently received a great compliment. “I like the way you’re always up for trying something new,” a coworker said when I agreed to participate in the agency pull-up challenge. So far, I’ve done one. But I feel great. Mainly because I don’t consider myself … Read More »

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New business is warming up.

Several of us on the team have been spending time with some new friends in Vermont over the past few weeks. More on that soon. For now, I can at least report that the place is COLD, but the hearts are warm, and the work … Read More »

Big, Bold, Beautiful Pictures

You hear it all the time. “Content is King.” For the most part, that’s true. What you say, how you say it, and how often you publish it matters. But let’s not forget the picture. That’s content too. In this case, it’s pretty mesmerizing content. … Read More »

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What’s in a hug, really? We are hugged as babies, hug every one we meet as toddlers, and are forced to hug distant relatives as adolescents. A hug can be a greeting, a show of affection, a celebration. A hug comforts when there are just … Read More »

It’s not what I’m most proud of, but I’ll admit it. I’m a nice guy. I’ve always kind of suspected it, certainly strived towards it, fell short of it frequently, but overall, that’s the general consensus. Surprisingly, some people I’ve known have seen it as … Read More »

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Actually Give a Rip

Seven months ago I called a contact for the first time. Having studied nonverbal communication and voice tonality, I immediately recognized the contact’s receptionist was burdened with something heavy on her spirit. Putting my goals aside, I learned her sister was diagnosed with cancer the … Read More »

Riding With Zig

One of the things I love about SWIRE is their flexibility in allowing me to work one day a week from home. It helps offset my hour-long commute. The other thing that helps offset the commute is a good audio book. I only recently discovered … Read More »

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A working mom, trying to make it work.

It has been nearly two years since I began working at SWIRE. Shortly thereafter, Zack mentioned that he’d love for me to contribute to the blog. I’ve had every intention of doing so, but one thing or another always got in the way. Usually it … Read More »