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Recently, Zack Swire blogged about his experiences with Starbucks. You’ll want to intimately understand what happened here, so you can avoid making the same mistakes Starbucks did. By understanding what happened, and making yourself aware, you will be in a better position to prevent such … Read More »

Starbucks’ loyalty program has some flaws. Let me explain… HOOKED I don’t recall the first time I got hooked on that sweet milk and espresso. It was sometime before I began working for Starbucks back in 1997. After a couple years there, I no longer … Read More »

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FREE Drives Me Crazy

Remember the last time you picked up a FREE coupon for something? Maybe even for something you never needed before? I’ve noticed that something happens inside me when I see FREE. It’s hard to describe, but it just feels good. So What’s So Exciting About … Read More »

NO ONE WANTS TO LOSE CUSTOMERS A lost customer is expensive to regain, and the damage they can do in the offboarding process can be much, much, much worse. HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY “AT RISK” CUSTOMERS? Typically, we sort our clients’ data by customer value … Read More »

So what’s customer off-boarding anyway? Customer off-boarding is a process where a customer gets SLOWLY detached from a company, mostly as a result of disappointment and distrust. This process presents a great challenge as well as a tremendous opportunity for companies. Customers raise multiple red … Read More »

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COSTLY EXPENSE OF POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Companies across all industries exercise tremendous marketing efforts to ensure previous, current, and potential new customers that “the customer is king” and that customer service is something that is taken very seriously. But how can it be that most … Read More »

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I DON’T MUCH CARE FOR: Silos and Politics WHY? They lead to unhappy customers. Not to mention unhappy employees. COMPANIES DON’T START BY SAYING… “At XYZ Company, our mission is to create ineffective internal communications that lead to unsettling company politics and unhappy customers.” Although … Read More »

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Let Me Out

Play. I love iTunes. I don’t recall exactly when I first got on. Probably around ’02 or ’03. I started by uploading every CD in my personal music library. Then, my wife’s, her dad’s, and occasionally ones from the library. But that wasn’t enough, so … Read More »

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Moment 1

We’ve all been brought into numerous brand experiences in our lifetime. Some, good. Some, not so good. Others you probably don’t even remember. Others, you still despise and are sure to tell everyone you can, how much you dislike that brand. Today, I’m working on … Read More »