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Writing on Glass

It’s what I do now. I hate wasting paper. I also lose a lot of notes I take on paper due to the fact that I can never seem to find my moleskin when I truly need it (which is my own fault I guess). … Read More »

Dustin Author: Dustin

Easy Branding?

Is there such a thing as easy branding? According to online sources, there is. As I was looking around on Twitter today (yes, that is where I get a good amount of my tech/design news these days), I found a link to a website that … Read More »

Before & After Racism?

It is rare that I seek out a product because I am in love with the advertising behind it (on a conscious level at least). My absolute favorite company to support is Dove, with their Campaign for Real Beauty. I love to see beauty ads … Read More »

GSwire Author: GSwire

Good Branding

There’s something to be said for it. Establishing a clear and concise image for the world outside your own bubble can be challenging, but that’s all the more reason to dedicate the time and other resources to getting it right. How you present yourself, your … Read More »

Daily Inspiration

I regularly scour the web to find anything to inspire me creatively. Most of the time I find inspiration in my own design comfort zones: web design, typography, color theory, etc. Sometimes I find inspiration when I’m not looking for it. That is what happened … Read More »

Designer Fuel

Many designers like to work in dark, quiet places. This allows them to focus on the task at hand without distraction. I am not one of those designers, at least in regards to noise and volume. Quite the opposite, I can’t work without music playing. … Read More »

A Redesign Story

The Early Days ^ This site design was built in order to share our company vision and drive customer interest. Simple and sweet. This site was active for a little over a year. Site Evolution ^ In late 2009, this concept was designed and launched … Read More »

For decades now, we as web designers have been locked in to using the same basic fonts for all of our designs. Georgia, Times, Arial, Verdana and a few others have become the end-all fonts that help tell the story that we are trying to … Read More »