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When I was a boy, I took a trip to Gettysburg. I remembered standing on a large boulder at the top of a hill known as Little Round Top, staring down at a rocky valley below. It was about 8:45pm, the air was thick and … Read More »

It’s A Major Award!

It’s big. It’s shiny. At SWIRE, it’s always nice to get recognition from those you respect. The Pixel Awards is an annual contest to highlight the best work in the business. We are extremely honored to be the People’s Choice winner in the agency category. … Read More »


Lately I’ve been searching for a little inspiration and motivation in all aspects of life. Today, I found it. This video is the definition of motivating. This man, Fauja Singh, completed a marathon at 100 years of age. Now, I’ve played soccer for almost 3/4 … Read More »

Dear Prospective Clients, I’m not writing to win your business. Nor trying to sell you. I simply want to share how we like working with you. We are a fit. Your team and mine. Our abilities should align well with your needs. We like your … Read More »

Are You Maxed Out?

BEFORE YOU READ THIS POST If you’re on Empire Avenue, max out on my stock now before it jumps right back up! I’ll tell you why after you do… Okay, you’re back and happy (at least you should be :) Or, you have no clue … Read More »

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When I was young, I really had a hard time concentrating. With impending deadlines, I would postpone longer and longer until I had to perform in what I like to call “last minute panic”. I always seemed to get the job done, but at quite a … Read More »

The Dilemma of “Keeping Doors Open”

I’ve always tried to cover all my bases and keep as many options as possible in almost everything I’ve done – most people probably do the same. But I’ve always wondered how important keeping all your options or “keeping doors open” really is and whether … Read More »

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You vs. You

I have a hard time trying to imagine what it must have been like for my Grandpa at British Petroleum in the 1950′s, or my other Grandpa who was in the Marine Corps for nearly 30 years. Why? Email wasn’t around. Social network conversations, project … Read More »

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Welcome to The Wire!

In 30 minutes, or so I’m told, we’ll be launching our new website and blog. Whew! I guess they say the cobbler’s son wears no shoes. It has been an adventure to say the least. You may ask, isn’t this what you do? Well, yes. … Read More »

Extirpate 2011

The word “Extirpate” just popped up on my screensaver while I was downing a chicken burrito (extra spicy) from Chipotle. I’m supposed to be working on our new website content while eating, but the burrito was so good, I couldn’t help myself. Thus, my macbook … Read More »