The History of Typography

Serif? Sans Serif? Slab? Modern? Transitional? Geometric Sans? Old Style? Pixel Type?

Want to finally know what your Art Director is talking about when he/she go all Type-Nerdy? Check out this stop-motion short explaining a bit of typography history and find out why choosing a font is an art. Go ahead, learn something today.

What is your favorite typeface? Let me know in the comments. My current favorites are serif Adriane and sans serif Gesta.

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  • Kyle Prough

    I’m a big fan of gothic type, and as such I’ve been experimenting a lot with Gotham lately (maybe too much even. you tell me). Always looking for a good alternative to Helvetica lol. Slab fonts have been pretty hit and miss with me. Love ‘em one day, hate ‘em the next. Choosing the right type is definitely an art. And one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    • Steve Seybold

      Ya, I have to say that I rarely use slab serif fonts. Very rare. Sadly, I tend to find a set of ‘go-to’ fonts for any situation and just stick with them. I really need to get out there and explore and try more options. It’s a big world of fonts!