Tried something new lately?

I recently received a great compliment. “I like the way you’re always up for trying something new,” a coworker said when I agreed to participate in the agency pull-up challenge. So far, I’ve done one. But I feel great.

Mainly because I don’t consider myself someone who’s always up for new things. In fact, my love for my daily routine is borderline idolatrous. But I once heard a man in his 50s who didn’t look a day over 30 say the secret to staying young is always being willing to try something new.  He had taken up the French Horn at 40. While I pitied his family, I envied his attitude.

The whole thing got me thinking about an upcoming writing challenge I think I should try because it’s something new. And it scares me. I can’t think of two better reasons to do it.

That’s one thing I appreciate about SWIRE. It’s a company that’s willing to try new things. Willing to support people trying new things. Willing to say “Why not?”

Tried something new lately? If you’d like an idea, I recommend pull-ups.

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  • Sven Simon

    I absolutely love this post! Thanks for sharing. It’s inspiring.


  • Zack Swire

    I’d like to see you jump on that pull up bar in the game room Alan! :) Maybe it will strengthen your writing muscles too!