Vivian Maier – Inspiration

This is a video about a woman who worked as a nanny for 40 years in Chicago who carried her camera around with her everywhere she went. She took thousands of pictures of everyday life in Chicago in the 1950’s and 60’s, which weren’t discovered until some of her prints and negatives were sold in the auction of a storage locker in 2007. It wasn’t until after she had passed, that her work was recognized for how great it was.

It’s so crazy that someone so talented could go through their entire life unnoticed.

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  • Aaron Matthew Kaiser

    Wow. The thing I take away from this is that she never stopped doing what she loved (photography) while also doing what she needed to survive (being a nanny). The photos are phenomenal and I wish that I could have met her myself.

  • Steven Seybold

    Tremendous. Seriously talented lady. I look forward to seeing more and more from her yet-unseen collection of work.