Four Ways To Find a New Perspective

Pushing the threshold of creative genius starts with changing the expected perspective.

So, you want to be different, unique, intriguing? You want people to walk away having burned an unwavering impression on their brain?

Here are four ideas to help you generate a new, unexpected perspective for your audience:

  1. Pack a mini notebook and writing utensil. Jump out of a plane, or off a bridge (if it makes you feel better). When you reach the bottom, channel your piqued senses into an experience-based creative brainstorm. Find ways to captivate your audience by engaging all five senses.
  2. Open your fridge. Take everything you find against the back wall and blend it up into a nice soupy slush. Pour yourself a glass and take a sip. More than likely, it’ll taste like crap. Next time you’re tempted to settle with a mosh-pit of mediocre ideas, remember that taste and remind yourself your audience doesn’t want the lazy leftovers.
  3. Lock yourself in a coffin for an hour… in complete darkness… in complete silence. When you get out, stretch out your arms, your fingers, your legs, and your toes. Breathe deeply, run around, hug a friend. Now, with your new-found freedom, seek to create ideas that free your audience from their respective coffins–often nailed shut by the same deathly boring marketing ideas.
  4. Amelia Earhart once said (and I paraphrase), “I love flying because it allows me to move freely in multiple dimensions.” Change perspective by altering dimensions and augmenting what your audience deems reality. Draw them into a story, a puzzle, or a mystery as an active character in the plot. Leave them scratching their heads in awe, letting their imagination write the ending. Check out this link as an example:

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